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Low Headroom Spaces

Burgess Design, Inc.
April 15, 2022


We have residential units with lofted bed layouts. Majority of these lofted beds have a 6'-0" ceiling height, but a few are only 4'-6". Would we be able to include the 4'-6" ones in our boundary area and just note it as low headroom?

Additionally, we have a retail space on the lowest level and there are "rooms" inside one of the tenant spaces that are low headroom. 2 of these rooms have a 3'-3" ceiling height and are desired to be used for tenant storage; and the 2 other rooms have a 5'-7" ceiling height that are potentially to be used as an internal office. Would these be doable and just have to be broken out on our spreadsheet and noted as low headroom?

Thank you!

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
April 18, 2022

Hi Valerie,

The BOMA 2021 Mixed-Use Standard relies on the BOMA 2018 Gross Areas Standard to establish the initial Boundary Area and then the BOMA Single-Use Standards (Office, Retail, Residential, Industrial) to measure the individual Use-Components. Restricted Headroom in BOMA 2018 Gross Areas is included but must be disclosed on a floor plan or in the Global Summary of Areas. However, depending on which version year of the BOMA Single-Use Standards you are using in your Mixed-Use project, you might have to exclude certain Restricted Headroom areas. You must comply with the rules of the BOMA Single-Use Standards you are using within the Single-Use Interior Boundary of each Use-Component. If you are using the latest BOMA Single-Use Standards then Restricted Headroom is permitted to be included but must be separately disclosed on the floor plan or in the Global Summary of Areas.


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