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As-Built Drawings

In architecture and real estate, the term "As-Built Drawings" refers to floor plans and other technical illustrations that depict the architecture and/or layout of a building or space, at a particular moment in time, as determined by measuring the building itself. Ideally, as-built drawings show the building in its most recent state, including deviations from the original construction drawings, and any subsequent retrofits or improvements to the property.

To create as-built floor plans, a building measurement survey is required. For the most accurate results, laser measurement technology is used to locate building architecture, including walls, columns, stairs, shafts, doors, windows, and fixtures etc. When measuring is complete, the coordinates are loaded into CAD/BIM software, where the individual floor plans are drafted according to the site verified dimensions. Finished as-built plans can be exported to CAD, BIM and PDF.

Extreme Measures offers building measurement services for professional real estate applications, including property management, area determination, leasing, space planning, and marketing. Our as-built measuring service includes As-Built Floor Plans (CAD/DWG & PDF), BOMA Area Analysis, Color Area Schematics, and an Area Certificate Letter.

3D Laser Scanning

Generally speaking, the term "3D Laser Scanning" describes a class of digital optical technology that uses lasers to record the dimensional characteristics of real-world objects and environments - a process sometimes referred to as "reality capture." Laser scanning has compelling applications in manufacturing, forensics, medicine, architecture, engineering, and construction.

For buildings and structures, laser scanners that utilize LIDAR technology offer the best combination of accuracy, resolution, and efficiency. These scanners can capture thousands (or even millions) of points per second. Each point represents a position in space, and a cluster of points is called a point cloud. Point clouds can be opened in standalone software, or imported into popular CAD and BIM applications, where they facilitate high precision as-built and digital twin modeling.

At Extreme Measures, our laser scanning service is specifically tailored for architecture, engineering, and construction projects. Our site technicians utilize stationary LIDAR and mobile SLAM scanners to capture buildings with unparalleled accuracy and detail. Our clients can order laser scanning as a standalone service, or in combination with our Scan-to-BIM and Scan-to-CAD modeling solutions.

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BOMA Measurements

Today's Floor Measurement Standards, such as those published by BOMA International and IPMS, aim to standardize the way that key building area figures are calculated and used in the course of managing and transacting space. Landlords, tenants, and other building stakeholders have a vested interest in knowing that floor area calculations are determined objectively, and according to the contractually agreed-upon standard.

In the United States, Canada and elsewhere, BOMA Area Calculations like Rentable Area and Gross Leasable Area are central to leasing, managing, buying, and selling space. The Building Owners and Managers Association continually develops its suite of BOMA Measurement Standards for Commercial Office, Industrial, Retail, Multi-Residential, and Mixed-Use buildings. These standards prescribe exactly how to measure square footage, and how to allocate common area proportionately to tenant spaces.

Extreme Measures is a leading expert in BOMA floor measurement standards and area certification. We are able to apply BOMA, IPMS, or virtually any measurement definition to your existing CAD plans. Our typical deliverables include a Global Summary of Areas Chart, Color Area Schematics, and an Area Certificate Letter.

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