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Building Data System

Purpose built for Real Estate and AEC professionals, Planmine™ empowers you to access, archive, share, and manage your building information online. The system features 24/7 access, robust security, enterprise file hosting, 3x daily backup - and powerful tools to help you manage, market, lease, and visualize space.

My Portfolio

A launchpad for all your properties on Planmine. Toggle between list and map views to navigate your buildings. Filter by location, complex, and building type. For large portfolios, use the "mine" checkbox to prioritize buildings you care about most.

Building Dashboard

Combines building photos, floor plans, location map, stacking plan, file navigator, and upcoming lease events into a single, at-a-glance format, so you can quickly see the state of your building and decide what action to take next.

Building Files

Logically organizes your files by space, file type, date, and version. Preview files, click to download, or use the File Bin to download and email many documents at once. You can even upload your own files so that all your documents are in one place.

Plan Markup

Do-it-yourself markup tools let you annotate floor plans and elevations with graphic and text elements. Measure linear dimensions and draw area polygons for quick and convenient takeoffs. When you're finished, click to save your sketch as a PDF for easy downloading and distribution.

Stacking Plan

Presents tenant spaces by floor and color codes them to instantly convey occupancy and vacancy. Click any space to drill down into lease status, tenant rights, area calculations, and relevant files. Use the date picker to view the stack in the past, present or future on-demand.

Lease Manager

Assign tenants to spaces by name, set lease start & end dates, track tenant rights, manage tenant contact information, and attach lease documents for easy retrieval. Set email reminders for important lease events and stay ahead of the changes happening in your building.

Virtual Tours

The closest thing to being there, our virtual tours combine interactive keyplans with HDR panoramic imagery and high accuracy point clouds. When you purchase a virtual tour from us, you can view it directly on Planmine. We also provide a standalone link for easy tour sharing and embedding.

Planmine API

Enables enterprise clients to integrate real-time, Planmine data into their own custom dashboards, file repos, statistics modules, and building/lease management software. Easy implementation via JSON facilitates rapid deployment. Contact Us today for more information.